Monday, April 4, 2011


It always amazes me what a little paint and a dash of cheer can do.  The Little Nook was originally pink and black and is now a perfect cream and sage.  It is so hard to find a good cream color because they often come off as peachy or too blue, but I am loving Sherwin Williams "Nacre".



Trying to add as many elements from nature as possible and reuse/ dad and I found a few trees that a developer was hauling off and asked if we could have them.  We decided to use it for the porch railing.  I absolutely love the way that it turned out!

My dad constructed a tree for the Enchanted Forest while my sister T and I barked it, painted it, and added branches and foliage.

Spray guns for painting are COMPLETELY underrated.  Everyone should own one and I will never paint without one again!

I had more help from my very talented family than I could have ever asked for.  I never realized how wonderful my dad's carpentry skills were, I have a green thumb sister, lucked out with the wonderful sewing skills of my oldest sister T and Mary, my mom took wonderful care of my son while we transformed this adorable little house and went to Home Depot at least fifty times.  The best mother-in-law who brought me Cafe at Pharr chicken salad (my fave) everyday and helped me tremendously with my fabrics! Last, but certainly not least, the adoring support of my husband who has been such a trooper while his wife worked from dawn until dusk.  Thank you all!