Sunday, May 15, 2011

Captain Awesome Birthday Celebration!

A mother called me about a month ago and said that her son wanted to be "Captain Awesome" for his 3rd birthday.  I just laughed picturing this cute little almost 3 year old saying" I want to be Captain Awesome Mommy"!  He is definitely Awesome!

So, who doesn't love a DIY grandmother?  Birthday Mom brought these capes two weeks before the party and they were perfect.  Her mother made all of them and they were just the thing to get me moving in the right direction for decorations!

We had Super snacks, Power Punch and Captain's Cupcakes!


There was a "villain" that threatened to destroy all of the superheroes powers.  He came in and threw bombs "water balloons" on the ground.  All of the superheroes had to destroy the bombs by jumping on them.

Then, once all of the bombs were diffused, the villain came back with Kryptonite (rocks painted with green paint and glitter).  If the superheroes touched the kryptonite they lost all of their powers.  They had to pick up the kryptonite with tongs and place them in the "Hazardous waste" bucket.

Once all of the Kryptonite was in the Hazardous waste bucket and properly disposed of...the superheroes earned a wristband.

Then to earn their superhero mask (that they got to decorate) they had to conquer an obstacle course.  They crawled across Spiderman's web, they leaped over a building like Superman and jumped through hoops!

There were tables set up with stickers and markers for them to make their masks!

Since the villain was not able to destroy their powers and ruin birthday fun...we sang Happy Birthday and ate Captain's Cupcakes!!!

 All in was an AWESOME birthday!


  1. A friend posted this to her Pinterest so that's how I found your site. I had to comment and tell you that as an early childhood educator I am impressed at the appropriateness of all of the activities. It looks like everyone had a good time; the expecations of what this age could do successfully and enjoy were spot on.

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