Monday, May 2, 2011

Artwork on display

Sometimes it is really hard to come up with ways to keep all of your little Picasso's artwork without it ending up shoved in drawers and hanging off of the ceiling.  Here are some interesting ways to turn your house into a gallery, instead of a mosaic.

The Little Nook has a collection of white-washed frames hanging on the wall.  We can change our little creations out very easily this way! 

So, if one week we love pirates, and the next week we love birds, we don't have to redecorate the whole space!

Here are some other ideas...

I love the simplicity of the clip boards!

This is from

I have seen several different ideas where parents have scanned images of their chidren's little masterpeices.  This is a clean way to do it from and it makes it so easy to incorporate photographs on the wall.  I also LOVE the coffee table book with the scanned artwork.  Very clever!

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