Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Squash Blossom Soap from Growing Home!

A dear friend of mine is the creator of  Mygrowinghome is her personal blog, but is filled with beautiful stories about her family, her boys, and her creativity.  She is becoming a wonderful seamstress and she has great ideas for making your own John Johns, play shorts, shirts.  Her blog is filled with Kids crafts and DIY projects for the home.  I had to share her most recent post about homemade soap from her vegetable garden.  

We will definitely be trying this at The Little Nook with our herb garden this Friday!

She found that her Squash plants produced these beautiful bold yellow flowers.

She looked online and found a soap recipe from Martha Stewart here.

You should go read her post in its entirety!

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  1. Thanks for linking this, JQ--I'm so glad that you liked the project. James was so proud to give his soaps to his teachers this morning and explained to them in great detail how we made them:).