Monday, June 13, 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow....

Every once in a while we like to give you a "day in the life of" one of our little Nookers.  Here is a glimpse into one day last week.  We learned our primary colors, secondary colors, and that it takes water and light to make a rainbow!  More importantly, we had a BLAST while learning : )

We started off with our 3 primary colors...

and then we mixed them.

The children were amazed to see that when we poured the blue in the yellow jar, green appeared!

We matched colors on the felt board and the older children worked on learning which primary colors yielded which secondary colors.

Off to the art room to make a mobile and color the rainbow!

We believe that children should be playing and learning as soon as they can!  No one is too young to learn at The Little Nook!

I usually have a paintbrush in their little hands before they have even held a spoon.

The sun, plus a little rain, and you have a...


Always time to hit balls, dress up, and play too!

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