Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Sweet Little Message in a Bottle

We are at the beach this week and while the water, the sand, and bicycles are plenty of activity in and of...we decided to each take one activity per night to do with the kids!  This was mine...

"Message in a bottle
Swept away by the sea
Secrets held within
Dreams of you and me

Message in a bottle
Tossed to and fro
Emotions hidden inside
Ensnared, nowhere to go

Message in a bottle
Washed up on the shore
Waiting to be found
Love lost no more

Message in a bottle
Read and set free
Never to be trapped again
Our dreams of you and me"

We went on a Jeep Train ride and then the children came home to a wrapped package with their name on it, out on the terrace.

Markers, paint, paintbrushes, sea shells, glitter glue all spread out on the table.

Inside their boxes they found a little bottle with a cork in it and a seashell necklace!

They were told to write a note to someone special and decorate their paper however they wanted.

Rudd and I dedicated ours to Patrick Rudd, our cousin, a Ranger in the United States Army, KIA in Iraq when I was pregnant.  Rudd was named after him and we wanted to thank him and send our love.  My sister - in - law, Lauren also dedicated her message to Patrick, "Ricky Rudd".  The children wrote messages to grandparents that have passed away, and friends, and to the person that found their bottle.  It was so neat to see who they chose and why.

When we finished our messages, we put them in our bottle with a little sprinkle of sea shells.

They asked if they could paint their boxes, and I said "ABSOLUTELY"!

and then we walked to the beach...

with our bottles...

and threw them with all of our might into the surf to be swept away...

and then headed back to the house for dinner...

and you can always add "Message in a bottle" to finish the night.  Who doesn't love a combination of Nicholas Sparks, Kevin Costner, Robyn Wright, and Paul Newman?

What else are we doing this week?

* Kite night
* Twister
* Kick the ball ice cream maker
*Handprint stepping stones
*and the Lady Jane shrimp boat

Happy Beaching!!!!

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