Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Ocean Blue - kids crafts

During our Mother's Morning Out program, we do all kinds of fun things, but mostly we make learning fun!  This summer we have talked a lot about gardens, bugs, sunshine and rainbows.  I realized that a lot of our little Nookers have been going to the beach, so we wanted to teach them about the ocean so they could take it all in once they got there.  There is not a better way to learn than to do something yourself, with your own two hands.  

So, big kids and little kids alike, made their own little oceans and this was by far one of their favorite lessons...

We love recycling for art projects!  So, thanks to my father-in-law for his morning orange juice!!!!

Start with talking about colors and what color the ocean is...

add a little food coloring to the water...

Then give them { glitter, pearls, shells, fish }


This is a great time to talk about what lives in the ocean.  You wouldn't believe the fun things that children will say, when you listen...

{ Add mineral oil to make waves when you shake it }

{ Hot glue the top }

Then, go swim around like fish, walk sideways like crabs, and make a fin like a shark!

We did.

Do you dare to reach in here?

We did.


  1. I've been looking for great ocean themed projects for little ones and this is so creative and unique! I love it! Thanks

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