Friday, October 21, 2011


Nothing says Fall like a Pumpkin patch, a hay ride, and hot apple cider.  

We decided to have a Pumpkin Patch of our own at The Little Nook to kick off the season! You should have seen their little faces as they walked outside in the morning and saw a pumpkin patch set up in the backyard.  It was a hit!

We talked about which pumpkins were bigger and which ones were smaller?

We counted pumpkins and we sat down and planted pumpkin seeds in a pot!

Inside we learned all about a pumpkins life cycle...

our emotions

{and we had some pretty sweet little faces}



we gave our Jack-o-lantern happy and sad faces too!

the color "orange"

We practiced our letter recognition...

Letters were mixed in with pumpkin seeds and the children had to shake the bottle and look for letters to build their words!  Very fun!!!!

What letters do you see?

Letter "E" was our letter of the week!

Counting Pumpkin Seeds



we painted pumpkins!!!

and pumpkin patches


witches hats

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