Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs - Blue Bird Nest

Dying eggs is always such a fun thing to do with children and they are always fascinated by the little tablet dissolving in the water.  Use vinegar for more vibrant color, but just water for pastels.  

Start off with brown paper lunch bags, brown shredded craft paper or green grass, and scissors.  It always looks better when you have fun shaped scissors!

Cut the bag as if you were going to cut it in half, but leave about an inch in the center to make the handle.  Then, start at the top of the bag and cut vertically until you meet the first cut.  Like this:

Fill with craft paper or grass...

Then...The fun part....

add a little felt wing, a beak and little eyes and you get...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

So, I normally don't love commercial character parties, but there is always a way to add a fun twist to make it personal.  When a child loves something, you just cannot deny them.  As much as I would have loved to have farm animals or a killer camping scene...To Infinity and Beyond!

Buzz definitely inspired this blue and green starlit partyscape.  

Slinky Dogs (hot dogs)
Magma Mush (blue jello with star sprinkles)
Rocket Fuel (lemonade)
Cosmic Blue (blue Gatorade)
Planet Popcorn ( popcorn in green and blue containers)
Lightyear Lollies (green and white swirled Lolly Pops)
Milky Way
Astronaut Ice Cream

Face Painting (Blue glitter star)
Reach to Infinity and Beyond 
Moon Dust
Pin the star on the comet
Corn Hole
Toss the Ring on Saturn


Face Painting

Corn Hole

Reach to Infinity and Beyond

...the kids loved reaching their hands in to find...

Flying Saucers (frisbees)
Beyond Bubbles
Be A Star (Star Sunglasses)
Alien Eyeballs (green grapes)
Galactic Goo (Green slime)

Moon Dust

Planet Popcorn


My little stars...

Buzz Lightyear himself...