Friday, May 13, 2011

Ants Go Marching! Ant craft

Oh, this weather brings out the BUG in me!

I think these hot summer days (it is summer right?  this couldn't possibly still be Spring?) remind me of rummaging through my yard fascinated by roly polys - spelling?  and my mother's face when I came in covered in Georgia red clay!  Ha!

Today we counted six legs on our ants and we learned that we have families and ants have colonies.

After that, we sang Ants Go Marching one by one...

Then we may have danced to a little Ants Marching Dave Matthews in the Glow-in-the-dark room!

Off to the craft room we went...

All you need is an egg crate, brown or black paint, pipe cleaners, glue and some eyes!

Oh, and an artist or two : )

Glue the pipe cleaners underneath

and you might want to make some antennae headbands to go with your ants!

we did!

Yay for Ant Day!!!