Saturday, August 6, 2011

Not your average Veggie!

Have you ever painted with asparagus?

Miss Molly had all eyes and ears with her Vegetables last week!  This was such a fun lesson plan and I wanted to share it.  Rudd came home talking about how peppers even smelled "hot".  I love it!

First, we talked about each vegetable: color, texture, smell, taste.

Giving these veggies eyes gave them a whole new persona with lots to discuss!

Then, we worked on our memory skills with a matching game...

We either have very lucky or very genius children : )

This made it easy to transition into some early reading skills.

and then we topped it off with paint, of course!

* Disclaimer : if your child starts painting with their vegetables at the dinner table, it is all my fault : )

Thursday, August 4, 2011


What is Nooktoberfest, you ask?  

Who doesn't love Fall?  Blue jeans, sweaters, boots, and the sound of leaves crackling under your feet.  I LOVE it!

As a child I remember going to a family friends house and sticking my hand in the spaghetti and grapes at Halloween ( eyeballs and brains...yuck)!  I loved to dress up for Halloween and enjoy all of the festivities.  So, I decided to bring all of those fun things to The Little Nook for all of our little kids and big kids to enjoy too!

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages...

I bring you


Fall is fast approaching { thank goodness, it is so hot } and The Little Nook is getting ready!

On October 15th, 11am to 4pm we will be hosting our very first annual "Nooktoberfest"!  The Little Nook will become a very friendly haunted house, we will have face painting, crafts, goodies, games and contests.  Come dressed in your favorite Halloween costume and climb through a haystack maze, paint pumpkins, drink apple cider and play with friends.  

Entry wrist-bands will be pre-sold at The Little Nook for $8 per child over the age of one.  These will give you access to our haunted house. Stop by any Tues, Wed, or Thursday starting next week between 2pm and 6pm to purchase them.  We will sell them each week on these designated days until they sell out!

Tickets for Nooktoberfest activity booths, food and outdoor games will be available for purchase when you arrive! It will be "Carnival style"... 

Email us with any questions you have at!