Monday, September 12, 2011

In the Kitchen

We cooked up some fun for a great first week at The Little Nook!

Each week we have a theme for our lesson plans, a letter to focus on, a color and a sight word.  This past weeks theme was "In the Kitchen" and we worked on the letter "A", the color red, and our sight word was "and".  

We love matching games!

and color sorting 

and giving high fives with pot holders

Nothing like warm Alphabet Soup!

The kids loved designing their soup bowls with pasta, Alpha Bits cereal and glue.  They had no idea that they could have so much fun learning their alphabet!!!

Then we sorted with an Alphabet Soup game...

and really worked on writing the letter " A "

and when we were finished writing it on paper, we switched to chocolate pudding!

and when we were all done writing our letter A with chocolate pudding, we did it in the Glow-in-the-dark room instead...

Who has a classroom board that glows in the dark????

We do!!!!!

but the best part is always...what's In the Kitchen...or the Art Room?

Stay tuned for week two...Community helpers, B, blue, and "you"!