Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 2 - Community Helpers

What a fun and busy week last week!

Up on the list: Community Helpers, Blue, "C" and "me"...

First up - Garbage Collectors

Oh my goodness we had so much fun teaching the children to throw their trash in the trash can and sorting all of our recycling!  We let them sort glass, paper, and plastic.

In the art room they made their own little waste containers and we let them put little pieces of trash in it.  We had a blast!

Here, Miss Molly is teaching them all about trash and recycling.

and then we sorted some ourselves...

We played counting and letter games with garbage trucks and trash cans...

In the art room we made our own receptacles!

We took plastic, paper, aluminum foil, and threw away all of our trash into our cans!!!

Next up: Doctors and Nurses

We definitely have some future doctors and nurses in the bunch!

We love reading books!

and learning!!!!

"B" is for....

Writing skills...

Then we made our very own doctor bags...

full of bandaids and cotton balls and Q-tips...

I love it when the children lead the way and ask if they can paint with their cotton balls and Q-tips..

Of course you can!!!!

Don't worry moms...we use alcohol when they put things in their ears!

Miss M and Mr. P look like they are about to bust out in song while practicing with their doctor tools!

Check your reflexes!

Outside for some fun!

Little ones like to explore too!

Miss Jenny...Lovin' !

Miss Holly playin' !

Practice makes perfect!

Learning BLUE!


Working on patterns...

Counting Spots....

Spelling and Letter Recognition...

We LOVED making our own firetrucks out of cardboard boxes!  You should definitely try this at home!!!!

First we had to paint them fire engine red!

Firetrucks need headlights, windows, ladders, and wheels!

When we were all done...we took them outside to try them on for size!

a little pin the spot on the dalmatian too!

This week we are working on Transportation, Yellow, "C" and "can"!

Stay tuned!!!