Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Planes, trains and too!

Transportation week at The Little Nook was a hit!  We had so much fun listening to "vroom vroom" and "ready set go" and "row row row your boat" while we learned and played!

The photographs always speak for themselves...check out what your kiddos were doing at 
The Little Nook!

Sailing ships...

We started off the week talking about boats and making some of our own.

I collected some nuts from my yard and put them in the grass outside.  The children all got to pick their nut and their sail { fabric } and while they painted an ocean for their boats, we glued them with toothpicks!

Exploring and Learning

yellow is our color this week

Outside for some fun!

we wanted to test them out in real water

and once outside they were shipwrecked into the sandbox...

Cars and trucks { every kids dream }

This is so much fun and easy to do at home.  I painted yellow lines down black construction paper and then let them race their cars and trucks through the paint and down the road.

Start your engines.

and we love impromptu!

Mr. M started talking about a carwash and I said "oh, you want a carwash to wash your car"? I pulled out some toilet paper rolls, buttons for wheels and a box, and we made our own cars and a car wash to drive fun!

Off to explore Transportation...

Yes, we all have our listening ears on!

Fun candids...

It's a bird, it's a's an airplane

Flying through the air


always working on those motor skills

and learning!

stay tuned for next week...

we are working on our manners
the color green
the letter D
sight word "do"