Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Painting

Come join us for some very fun pumpkin painting during Open Play the whole month of October!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 1pm-6pm!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mind your Manners...Please!

Last week we practiced using good manners while exploring, sharing, creating and sometimes making a bit of a mess together.  Good manners are important skills children should develop when they are young.  After all, manners are beneficial for the rest of their lives and as we try to model them at The Little Nook, we thought that one week of really practicing could make perfect!

If you have a play kitchen at home you can make learning manners fun!

Set a pretend table for your children and let them tell you what they are cooking in the kitchen.  Set the table together with all of their little play plates and pass the food around the table.

They will love it and you will find them smiling from ear to ear when you sit down for a real dinner that evening and they show you what they learned.

This is what we learned this week!

We talked about what we might find at the dinner table and played a matching game!

We loved setting the table and working on where our utensils belong, right and left, and shapes.

and our weekly sight word "do"

the color green

the letter "D"

Now, these photos do not exactly exemplify cleanliness and what one might consider "good manners", but this was the best activity!

We went to a birthday party recently and they mixed paint with shaving cream and let the children paint on fabric.  I watched as the children shared space while socializing and participating together.  So, in order to practice sharing in a well-mannered fashion, we had to share our project and learn to do it together.  This was amazing!


will you PLEASE pass the purple?

Oh, it's all over my face!

will you PLEASE wipe my face so I can see to keep painting?

may I PLEASE have "gween"?

We made Good Manners Ladders this week!

We painted popsicle sticks different colors and then put corresponding colors on our ladders as we earned them.  This was sort of like a self-made Reward Chart!  The best part was listening to them ask their friends to Please pass the paint!

More well-mannered fun!

a good game of alphabet bean bag toss!

Let's race!

October is here and we have Pumpkin Fever!

Come visit the Pumpkin Patch while we learn:
The letter "E"
and we are all about ORANGE!!!!