Sunday, February 19, 2012

Forest Fun!

Hootie Hoo!
We sent out a call inviting all our friends from the forest to The Little Nook for a 
week of learning and play. We tip toed through foliage to find a few feathered friends 
that play all night long and to wake a bear that's been sleeping since November.
All observations confirmed...the forest is a magical place to be.


'Twas the perfect week to study "T"which stands for Tree, Tracks, and Tickle
{which inspired Ms. G's welcome giggle :)}


And how could one travel in the land of trees without taking a moment to study all other things green? 


We discovered that T is also for two...


which we practiced by counting out footprints from the forest floor.

We made ourselves familiar with a few other
friends from the forest family and the tracks they leave behind.

It was a bit of a puzzle, but nothing our Little Nookers couldn't handle :)

We followed our friend, Little Owl, for a ride through 
the forest where not everything sleeps with the moon overhead. 

Did you know that raccoons, possums and 
Little Owl himself do their learning under the stars?

Our first craft of the week {owl puppets} was quite a hoot...and cute to boot :)

We took it upon ourselves to tickle their tummies with a little color. 

And outfitted them with a pair of wings to survey the play yard with. 

We took our time creating a second forest friend, Mr. Turtle, a self-declared slow poke.  

We asked ourselves, if we lived in the forest, which furry friend would we want to be? 


Princess Fairy...obviously

Later, we ventured to The Little Nook Forest {the play yard}
We may not have grizzly bears out back, but we do have bubbles and bikes

Of course we saved a minute to commemorate Mr. H's birthday with a cupcake :)

Catch you next week!

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