Sunday, February 26, 2012


Believing is just the beginning...


In a magical land not too terribly far away there lived a tiny friend with an affinity for fairies...Tinkerbell to be precise. To celebrate her 3rd birthday, The Little Nook welcomed pirates and fairies alike to prance and play by her side in a place almost as magical as Pixie Hollow itself...almost. Strap on your wings fairy friends, you're in for a real Tinkerbell Treat. 

Welcome to Neverland
We gathered in the Enchanted Forest, appropriately sprinkled in pixie dust, 
as friends arrived from near and far.



After getting their twinkle on in the Glow Room, our guests glided on to a craft project.
Those with wings decorated pillowcases fit for a fairy.


While pirate mateys did some 'ARRR't work of their own...
assembling pirate flags to flail with the likes of Captain Hook himself.



Having worked up an appetite in flight, they ventured on to fill up on some Neverland nosh...

Pirate's Booty...of the edible variety :)

We thoroughly enjoyed the fairy feast.

Of course, we were sure to leave room for a slice of birthday cake befitting the birthday girl.



With tummies full of fairy food, we headed to the Enchanted Forest where there waited a special someone with a message for Miss M...


With the birthday girl's blessing, Tink shared a little story about her friends from the Hollow.

But as everyone knows, a fairy can't keep her feet on the ground for long. Besides, Tinkerbell knew there was still more fun to be had in the play yard.

We took a whack at unwrapping a few more Tinkerbell treats
 {and were successful of course}

took a moment to chat up Tinkerbell

and tested out our fairy wings with a lap around the yard. 


It was a Fairytale.
Happy Birthday M!

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