Thursday, April 19, 2012

St. Patty

As many an observer would attest, our Little Nookers are experts in celebration. 
They're always eager to engage in the appropriate festivities, ever-willing to dress the part, and we've never heard a one of them say no to a free cupcake. It wasn't much of a surprise to hear that they were down for a little St. Patty's party. We've got a house full of little leprechauns and their ready to


To avoid any unnecessary pinching, we slipped into some green gear...


Once we had on the appropriate eye wear,
{Did you know you learn better in Shamrock shades?}
we set out to explore the letter Y and the color green.



We also studied lucky number 7


And filled our buckets with seven pieces of gleaming green gold.


Shhh...we may have sneaked a few pieces of gold for our tummies to taste :)

Ms. M and Ms. A are pondering a pinch...

Next, we picked a patch of lucky clovers and sorted them by size.

We took turns closing our eyes tight as a little leprechaun hid clovers {with four leaves and lucky letters} around the classroom.

Then brought our lucky finds back to the table to share...a perfect practice in letter recognition!

Are there any four leaf clovers in here??

We came to the carpet to read about a lucky pup named Tucker.

We moved the party to the art room where we got our hands
 dirty painting and planting a little good luck.

A big green pepper and a little bit of paint helped us create a few clovers too...

Next, we mixed up a batch of St. Patty's Potion
mixing yellow and blue to make a goblet of GREEN


We don't know if this cutie is Irish, but we'd kiss him :)

We sorted and graphed the luckiest charms to talk about least and greatest...

And occupied our fingers by stringing a few beads worthy of wearing.


We made a few St. Patty's paintings with water on the wall...



And of course payed a visit to the plush green Enchanted Forest...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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