Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Highlights from May 2012

Spring Fever was in the air as the school year's end was fast approaching and our little nookers dreamed of running through beach sand and collecting shells in the coming weeks.

Here are some highlights from the month of May...

Our tiny ones totally dig dinos, so we unleashed our inner meat-eater for a week of growls and giggles. We wondered how we measured up to our fierce friends of the past. 
Were we shorter or taller than a T-Rex?  

Buzz might need to eat a few more helpings of veggies before he catches up to Mr. T...

We cooked up some Dino Egg soup in the Enchanted Forest...

Stomp, stomp, stomp...little dinosaurs on the loose! Don't let those sweet smiles fool you, these cuddly carnivores have been known to down a PB&J in five minutes flat.

Arrrrr...said the pirates as we cruised through The Little Nook looking for treasure...

....and played some Jolly Roger games. 
We pa-roused the pirate apparel before deciding which color patch suited Captain Jack best.

 But don't walk the plank just yet!


Of course we found a moment for a little ARRRt work. 
We crafted a ship fit for the high seas.

And sunk an anchor to ensure they'd hang around The Little Nook for a while longer. 

Did you know that pirate and purple both start with 'P'?

We mixed up our sight word practice with a little magnet fun this week.
Every good pirate knows these are words you should spot from a mile away.

We got our pirate paws on some treasure washed ashore and practiced sorting trash from pirate treasure.

Happy Birthday Miss M and Mr. G :)

Next, we snatched our hula skirts and were headed for Hawaii were they love to party and play almost as much as we do...almost. Let the Little Nook Luau begin!

We laced some lovely leis.

And painted a grass skirt befitting one who hulas. 

A lazy luau isn't the only thing that keeps Hawaii hopping...we slipped into scientist mode as we observed a volcano on the verge of eruption. 

It caused some serious sizzle at the science table. 

All too soon, we found ourselves sliding into summer. We went out with a bang
 {would you expect anything less?}
celebrating with Pizza and Parents, all while in our PJ's, in the play yard. 

It was a picture perfect pizza picnic.

Thank you for making this a year we will never forget, Little Nookers!

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