Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Fishing Hole - Birthday Celebration

That's a three year old you're looking at today and we're heading to the fishing hole to celebrate!

It all started here...

So, Let's Catch the Celebration!

and start with a little face painting fish frenzy...

As any fine fisherman will tell you, it's important to look the part before you pick up your pole. We fashioned ourselves a fishy face to ensure we had those fish...hook, line and sinker.

Next, we had to restock the tackle box with some bite-worthy bait. 
It was a dirty job but we were up for the challenge.

The Bait Shop never looked this fun!


Before we cast our lines into the blue, we decided to practice on a 
few floppy fish who hadn't yet grown into their gills.

Turns out, there were more than a few fine fishermen among us...

Mr. W caught breakfast, lunch and dinner!

We could have stayed there all day but we had bigger fish to fry...and catch of course.

Angler Alert!

These fishies were fast, but obviously no match for these fierce fishermen.

Once they'd nabbed a fish they fancied, our fishermen promptly plopped their prizes somewhere where they could be admired. We think Mr. Goldfish will look just grand next to last summer's catch.

All that fishing got their tummies grumbling. 
Good thing we had a fisherman's feast on hand.



Fish Fuel for a Small Mouth Bass...

...and the Larger version

Swimming Snacks...

Of course they saved room for a bite of bait...


And a scaly slice of birthday cake.


Happy Birthday, Rudd!
Mom, Dad & baby sister-to-be
You're quite the catch :)


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