Sunday, July 22, 2012


Sometimes life gives you lemons...lucky for these little ones, The Little Nook just happens to be expert in turning them into lemonade. Our Little Nookers came to us thirsty for knowledge and a cool drink (hula hooping in the Atlantan heat can really take its tole) and we fully intended to quench them both. We jumpstarted June with a lesson in lemons.

We counted them...

Touched them...

Sniffed them...

And even tasted them...eek!

After reading a story about a lemonade stand, we felt a little inspired and squeezed a few pitchers' worth ourselves. Turns out little hands are a perfect pairing for Miss Terri's juicer...




And of course we stopped to stamp a few. Our sweet friends turned out to be just great at making this sour summer treat.

Next, we bravely approached a box of bugs, trading in our aprons for a week and a peek in a Bug's life. We tweezed a few friends out of the discovery box and sorted them by color for closer inspection...

Then, channeling our inner-ladybug we took a lap around the room. 
Our jitterbugs took to flight with ease.

Our school-year brood has taken to beach bumming this summer. Envious of their summertime glow and puppy paddle prowess we decided to bring a little beach to our Little Nook.
These ladies knew just what to pack from the forest for our trip. A good sunhat, a couple swimsuits and a bridal gown of course.

We strung a couple starfish worth treasuring and dressed them in seafoam.

Even our littlest ones know how to shake some sparkle into everything they do.

A sand dollar arrived fresh from the sea. 
These curious cuties heard a rumor there was a treasure inside...

We sneaked a peek at a few of our friends that call the ocean home and found it interesting that they don't pack their beach bags quite the same way we do...after all have you ever seen a sea turtle wearing flippers or dolphin with goggles?

Mr. C reminded us that our brains shouldn't break just because we're at the beach...
There's always time for brushing up on your alphabet.

We weren't quite ready to give up our wet ways so we spent our last week in the lagoon learning a bit about reptiles and amphibians. First, we pulled out our trusty texture box to touch on a few coats that these amphibian friends wear...

We read about a chameleon who couldn't quite make up his mind, then helped him solve his color conundrum with a matching game.

These reptile tile patterns didn't leave us puzzled! We let little fingers get to work piecing these slow-movers back together.

We outfitted a water color home with the finest amenities befitting a frog...

Then stamped a few scaly friends for them to share it with. 

We got our hands on some slick playdough and rolled a few eggs to be hatched.

Spotted...a chameleon snatching an afternoon snack!


We caught this froggie with his tongue tied.


We helped our last lake loving friend get out of his shell a little bit and crafted him a beautiful replacement.

Like the four legged friend who calls it home, our turtle shells took a while to make but were certainly worth the wait :)

We may not have the chompers or the scales, but we love a little time in the water just as much as the next gator.

YeeHaw! Y'all stay tuned for what we've been up to in July.

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