Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Diaper Bag

Diaper Duty...As a momma of a proudly potty-trained superhero in training I have to admit I'd forgotten the depths of the duty whilst on haitus from diaper department.  While the perks of toting my newest little baby bundle never cease to outweigh the smelly side, the same can't always be said for my diaper bag. As with any multi-tasking tote, my bag is bit of a monster! While it survives mostly on a diet of diapers and baby wipes, my diaper bag has quite the appetite for pacifiers, teethers, cellphones and has a record of holding hostage my to-do list in the heat of the moment.

Leave it to posh pregnancy guru, Rosie Pope, to turn my monster into a fashion moment. On my second tour of diaper duty I have stumbled upon her London Shopper Classic, Rosie's dreamy and durable answer to every momma's prayers and the perfect accessory to her on-the-go lifestyle. Later this month I'll be channeling my inner Oprah and sending a little London to a Little Nook Momma in need, gifting one of these great totes to a deserving diaperer in need. Stay tuned for contest details!

Want one?

Yes, you do.

In the meantime, I am going to share a few tricks and important features that moms should look for when selecting the tote to accompany a trek with her tiny ones...

1. Stylin'

While there is nothing in the world like seeing big brown eyes look up at you and call you "Momma", you still want to look cute ; )

2. Compartments

Mine has a removable and washable bag that snaps inside.  This is where I keep all of my diaper-changing items so I can grab it and go or re-stock it easily.

There are 3 pockets in the main bag, 2 on the outside and 4 in the interior bag...perfect!

3. The List

{Diapers, wipes, Aquaphor, Hand Sanitizer, Burp Cloth, Plastic bag for wet clothes or diapers, Extra Outfit, First Aid Kit, Notebook*, Blanket, Bottles, Pacifier}

and in mine I always have 4 extra things:

{snacks for 3 year old, sunscreen, Fire truck undies, and an activity bag for restaurants}

4. Notebook

I keep my Archie Grand's "Brats I Met and Liked" journal with me everywhere that I go.  Even if I only write down one word on any given day, it is so nice to have a place with all of my children's fun thoughts. Kids do and say the funniest things...

...another great book to keep near you is "My Quotable Kid" and I found my copy at Baby Braithwaite in Atlanta.

So, if you are looking to turn that monster bag into a fashionable friend, stay tuned for contest details.   


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