Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elf on a Shelf...CONTEST

Oh where, oh where has our little elf gone?

Get those creative juices flowing and sprinkle a little magic dust.  I am dying to hear what all of my wonderful readers have come up with this year.  

Send in your best Elf on a Shelf ideas to win a $25.00 VISA gift card!!!!
{details - you must send with a photograph to by December 7th, you must "Like" The Little Nook on Facebook}

Baking Elf

Boating Elf

Elf Angel

Book Elf

Elf Decor

Brainy Elf

Walk the Dog Elf


Other ideas:

* Follow the yellow brick road - post-it notes leading to elf with your child's name spelled out in yellow
* TP the tree
*Elf in the candy jar
*Christmas wrap the toilet
*Paint everyone's toenails red while they are sleeping
*Play Dough Elf 
*Paper chain elf with Scotch tape and scissors
*Elf put candy canes all over the house
*Tatoo the children with Christmas tatoos
*Make a zip line out of yarn
*Change all of your light bulbs to colors
*Put green food coloring in all of the drinks in your fridge {milk, apple juice, orange juice}
*Making s'mores while roasting marsh mellows over a candle flame
*Make snowflakes
*Hide out in fridge in an empty ice cream tub with spoon
*Make 100 photo copies on copy machine
*Write in lipstick on a mirror
*Hang from the rearview mirror in the car



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