Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy Birthday Finn!

Lego Builder Extreme...

Loved his invitations!!!

Lego decorating was easier than I thought!  We made fun juice boxes and favor bags by cutting circles and making them look like Legos!

I love tying balloons with yarn, raffia or pretty string instead of using balloon ribbon.  It makes a much better presentation!

The kids had building contests.

1.Tallest tower
2. Most Creative

As soon as they heard that timer their little hearts were pounding with excitement!

I think that they could have gone on for hours with the legos, but we had planned some fun things for them to do outside as well.

We painted muffin pans to look like giant legos and had them toss water balloons to match colors.  So fun!

Once they realized that they had water balloons, they just had so much fun throwing them everywhere!

and birthday dad looks like he had fun hitting that pinata!

a little take home...

Happy Building Buddy!!!!