Monday, January 30, 2012

Keeping warm - coats, mittens and scarves

Hang on to your hats {and your MITTENS}

The brisk breeze may be keeping us indoors some mornings here in Atlanta but rest assured, we're having plenty of hands-on fun while keeping cozy. This week we dug deep in the snow, inspecting the season of snowflakes and sweaters. 

We chatted at great length about wintry weather and the changes we witness as the seasons change. After closely examining our own winter warbrobes we dressed our dear friend, Wendy Weather, for a play date in the snow. Every Little Nooker knows it's best to trade in your flippers for Uggs this time of year.

We put our heads together to find matching mittens {pairing upper and lowercase letters and patterns}...and even created a few pairs of our own!

Who said that southerners dont know how to have a little fun in the snow? 

Thank goodness it's never too cold to slip into a pair of princess heels

Wishing you the warmest thoughts during these coldest days :)