Monday, February 6, 2012

Positively Polar {Polar Animals}

Knee deep in January weather and bundled to extremes that compromise comfort, our Little Nookers needed a little inspiration to get through this last leg of winter and an answer to every little one's question... how does one have fun without summer sunshine on his back and a popsicle in hand?

We ventured to the North Pole for our answer where there resides a polar population expert on all things 'brrr'-worthy and having fun in the chilliest of circumstances.

First we met the penguin populous. These waddling wonders know how to have a good time in the snow. We took turns unveiling 'cool' facts about our penguin pals...
Did you know they love to slide on their tummies and can surf without a board??

We put our well-bundled heads together to patch-up a penguin made of shapes...

...then sorted and counted the number of each.

After spotting the North Pole on the globe we met another of its infamous inhabitants...The Polar Bear!

 Mr. Polar Bear lent us a hand {and foot} as we brushed up on our counting and measuring.

After measuring a few items in the classroom we grew curious...
how many polar bears long was Ms. W?

Or Mr. J? 
We all just HAD to know.

The chilly chatter provided the perfect excuse to revisit one of our favorite reads, 
Eric Carle's, Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?

And to make some polar-esque paintings of course.

We served up some Little Nook snow
{shaving cream}
getting our hands dirty with a little letter recognition and pre-writing practice.

...and fashioned some snowy paws just for kicks. 

Our bears may have been born in Atlanta, but we think they look positively polar :)

Sending you a bundle of love from the North Pole!