Thursday, February 16, 2012

Out of this World! {The Solar System}

Fresh off a trip to the North Pole, our Little Nookers were still thirsty for a thrill...
and we of course were eager to quench it :)

 Luckily, our teachers had booked a trip to the stars where our
little ones would discover a solar system that was well, out of this world
Strap on your space suits astronauts,we're promising an adventure of astronomic proportions.

We counted down the seconds to blast off to discover our number of the week...1

Our astronauts took a planet a piece, then put their helmets together to 
complete a space age puzzle by placing the planets in their numerical order.

Of course we took a moment to hunt down our homeland...planet Earth. 

Our letter of the week {S} was the perfect pairing for our study of the planets. 
Did you know that S is for...
& Space Ship?


We borrowed a training tip from our friends at INSERT
tracing the path from each spaceship to its rightful owner.

Next, we took on a mysterious matching mission that required full use of our memories.

Astronaut L snagged herself a pair of roaming robots while 
Astronaut C snatched a couple of ships headed for space!

We made sure to re-tune our listening ears before sitting down for a space inspired story time. 

and then we blasted off to the art room to make stars glitter and space ships fly!

Can you say "Constellation" while cutting them?

How many eyes does your martian have?

Can I paint my space ship with my hands?

a little sorting goes a long way!

Our astronauts had to fuel up and recharge...

"This is how you peek through your hands"!

Comet, Comet, Comet, Comet, Shooting!

Happy Birthday T, you are out of this world!