Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Will you Be Mine?

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Do you like candy hearts 
As much as we do?

Love was in the air last week as we celebrated Valentines Day. Forget Cupid, our Little Nookers are always eager to spread a little love and hand out hugs without any arrows :)


Valentine boxes were the perfect vehicle for practicing our number this week. 

We counted out candy hearts...4 to be exact

and "Conversation Hearts" do make for some great conversation!



Then, graphed and sorted them by color.

Shhh...we may have taste tested a few :)


Next, we put pink pen to paper and worked on our pencil grip and handwriting too.

Every Valentine knows that candy hearts carry a special message. 
Ours were scripted with sight words that we built ourselves.

We read a book about planting a kiss, and got inspired to spread a little bliss of our own...

In the art room we went to work decorating mailboxes worthy of the Valentines we filled them with. Mom's spare shoe box never looked so good!

We even hand-crafted a few decorations ourselves.







When the paint was dry, our little lovebugs swapped some sweet valentines
...and bottled a few affections of their own.


Later, we played Match Maker with a game of hearts that suited us well. 
Mr. A hunted for Jack's better half.


While Mr. R found 10's perfect match.

Lucky for us, one of our little Valentine friends knows the key to our hearts...CUPCAKES

Silly Valentines...

Happy Valentines Day!!

and Happy Happy Birthday to our beloved Miss Molly!