Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Candy Land

Our Little Nookers are familiar with exploring an alternate universe upon entering our doors but this week we had something truly sweet up our sleeves...a trip to Candy Land.
We counted it, sorted it, graphed it and crafted it. And when that was done, we ate it.
It's safe to say we satisfied a sweet tooth or two.


This week we were formally introduced to the number 3 




and the loop-de-loo that most call "U"

After designating a few m&m's for our learning purposes we got to work...
Practicing our number and color of the week, we took turns hunting through handfuls for three red m&m's.

Demonstrating unparalleled patience, we graphed them according to color. The sudden disappearance of Mr. G's blue m&m's remains a mystery but we have a hunch someone snuck a snack before lunch...

We strung together the stragglers to build some shapes we've been studying...Mr. R put together the tastiest triangle we'd seen in a while

Next, we circled up on the carpet to listen to tale of a curious monkey's trip to the chocolate factory. 


All that chocolate chatter got our tummies rumbling so we took a break and a bite before getting back to work.

In the art room we crafted a machine fit for a gallon of gumballs..

and promptly filled it right up with the sweet stuff.

We took a hand at making some sweet treats of our own...

Shhh...It's an original recipe.

Around the house we spotted a few sweet things outside the kitchen...

 found a cutie pie in the corner...

and saw that there was plenty of sugar to go around :)

Life is short but sweet for certain...spread the sugar :)

Happy Birthday to our little Miss F!