Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cute as a Button!

One of the most essential piece of our little wardrobes, the grievance of every tot trying to train on the potty, and this week at The Little Nook our latest learning tool. We collected them, counted them, sorted them and even turned them into masterpieces of our imaginations. As our Little Nookers know, great things come in small packages {or from that sewing drawer that is rapidly collecting dust :)}

We got familiar with the number five, 
counting out five buttons to reinforce our 'touch math' counting points.


We deemed our work worthy of a few high fives :)

We gave our fingers a workout tracing fives of our own...

Next, we used our buttons to brush up on our sorting skills, separating our buttons by color


Then took a moment to button-up a few friends...

and to share a secret {we're keeping our lips buttoned}

We studied the wonderful letter W


Which stands for We,

 Wonderful Work,

and everyone knows it takes two W's to say WOW!

After carefully inspecting our outfits, we counted the buttons in our ensembles and made a graph
...the perfect conversation piece in our discussion of least and greatest.

Ms. M concludes that our Little Nookers brought a bevy of buttons to school today :)

We slipped into our spots of the carpet for a story about a button-less bear named Corduroy.

Button Fever spread to art room where we made rub drawings of a bounty of buttons.

Some of our Little Nookers shine so bright we have to wear their shades inside

We even laced a few buttons ourselves :)

In the spirit of Spring we planted and painted a few button-beautiful flowers,

and spun some stems for them to sit on.


Our fingers kept busy with other things too...


Our little ones are cuter than your average button :)


Catch up with us next week, we've scheduled a check-up with Dr. Suess!