Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dr. Seuss

Call the Doctor!
We've got a case of the giggles that only Suess himself could diagnose. At The Little Nook we always welcome an excuse for celebration and this week offered an opportunity to combine a couple of our most favorite things...books and birthday cake. As any silly billy knows, March 3 marks the birthday of our beloved Dr. Suess. We can't think of a better reason to cut the cake :)


Our color was red, our letter was x, 
Little Nookers were anxious to see what would come next...


We settled in for a story as we always do, 
Read a story about fish, one red and one blue.

We'd heard of a tale about a cat in a hat,
He'd caused a good bit of mischeif {not that'd we'd ever done that :)}
We counted six stripes for that silly cat's hat,
Did you know you could make a pattern with that?



All that work got our tummies grumbling for lunch, 
 What was on the menu?...Dr. Suess had a hunch
We'd whipped up some green eggs, fresh from the chicken, 
Who knew practicing letters could be so finger-lickin'!

We took the party to the art room where we earned some stripes,
These kind sit on your head, just like cat likes!
How do you wear your Cat in the Hat hat?


We got our hands dirty making thing one and thing 2...

Then took on a project that called for some glue.

We think they turned out pretty nice, don't you?

Of course we made time to slip into a dress,
roll around on the floor and make a little mess :)

Soon enough it was time to cut the cake,
the perfect excuse to take a little break :)

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess...and to our Little Nooker Ms. W!

Come find us next week, these party animals will be getting their green on for St. Pattys!