Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eloise at The Plaza

Rumor has it that Eloise has left The Plaza and made her way to Atlanta!

Get your pink on and your lipstick ready for this birthday celebration, it is definitely something to write home lipstick, of course!

We love coming to your home to help plan a party.

Welcome to The Plaza!

There she is...Eloise herself is welcoming all of the party guests.  She is the hostess with the mostest!


She has been caught red-handed writing on mirrors in lipstick.

Uh oh...

She is having a Tea Party in the Living Room and you are invited!

we love to get our face painted after our tea!

then we found her turtle Skiperdee outside, but he had lost all of his color.


we kept walking in the grass and there she was...Eloise was singing and dancing and handing out tutus and pink sunglasses.  Oh my!

and what a sweet treat it was to have her...

nothing better than the sound of an ice cream truck bell...

and you can't leave the Plaza without a shopping bag!

Happy Birthday sweet girl and a big thanks to Eloise for bringing The Plaza to Atlanta!

Z is for Zoo

Some may say we're a bunch of city kids at The Little Nook, but one thing is for certain...we know how to do the jungle boogie, even if it is in the parameters of Piedmont Park. This week we celebrated the end of our journey through the alphabet {we finally made it all the way to z} with a trip to the zoo.  Keep your eyes peeled little ones, you don't want to miss a moment of this adventure.


We studied the zigzag-y 'Z' 


He may be the last letter in our alphabet, but 'z's easy to find!



We dug deep, hunting for z words...
Z is for zero, zipper, and zoo,
It's also for zebra and zippy-zoom too!

We took a look at the great number 8...


And practiced using our handy counters...

After Buzz and Miss M helped us determine the day of the week we read a story about Spring to help us remember all the things we love about the season...

At the table we met up with a balding lion in need of our counting expertise,
we counted 8 glowing locks to spiff up his mangy mane.

We roared on over to the carpet were we perched for a zoo-rific storytime and shared our own experiences at the zoo.



We checked in on a few of our four-legged friends at the San Diego Zoo using their live-webcam feature. What we saw was worthy of a captive audience :) 

We had a chat about habitat and learned about the different textures of our zoo friends.
Scales, Feathers, or Fur...Mr. R wasn't quite sure!

We swiped a few pebbles from the park to practice our number sense and motor skills with,


Strung some stripes fit for a zebra,

And of course we made time to study all things blue :)

We won't deny it...things got a little wild in the art room. 
We got acquainted with a gentle, but giant, giraffe...

We had so much fun making spots that we may have let a few slip off his neck....oops!

We handcrafted another jungle giant, the elusive elephant. 
{yes, he's looking at you!}

Then made a striking friend from the out, this guy's apt to snap!

It wouldn't be a trip to the zoo without paying tribute to the King.
 After we fashioned him a yellow face, we gave him a hairdo fit for royalty.

Even with all that sight-seeing, we still found time to do some of our favorite things....
Hug on our sweet friends,

Read stories to our baby-dolls,

And channel our inner cowboy :)

Is that a panther on the prowl? 

A panda playing peek-a-boo?

A bear blowing bubbles?


Mr. C is begging you...please, please check us out next week!!