Friday, May 11, 2012


The childhood pet...
Some call him man's best friend, and for many a good reason. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tall and some are small and our Little Nookers, they love them all. 
This week we extended an invitation to all four-legged friends of The Little Nook family.
{Our little people from pet-less homes shared a friend of the stuffed variety.}
Let the pet party begin...we're practically panting with anticipation. 

Our brood came bearing photos of puppies, birdies, and bunnies in their paws and more than a few stories to accompany them...


Remember the time Spot ate a hardy helping of freshly cut grass?...Well your little one does!

Feeling inspired by our furry friends, we wagged our tails to a game of pet charades.

We found ourselves back at the beginning of the alphabet, at "A" once again. Given the timing we felt it was appropriate to have.... 

A blast,
A great week, 
And, perhaps most importantly, to learn


Our number was nine, is it curious that a cat has just so many lives? We felt it fitting to pile nine rawhides in a happy pup's plate. 



We suspected that our pup's weren't the only people who would enjoy a bowl of dog food and biscuits...

We sniffed them,

And scooped them. 


Counted them,

And sorted them according to the bark of their beholder
{small, medium, and BIG}


Those little pebbles gave our fingers a fine {motor} work out!

Then we braced our brains for  a matching game where we hunted for pet pairs. 

 Mr. J snagged a couple of kitties!

Next, our little scientists whipped up a magical milk mixture for a pussycat with a penchant for potions...

We began by dripping food coloring in the four corners of kitty's big bowl, observing that our polka dots mysteriously maintained their origin- not mingling at all!

We wondered, what might happen if we added a pump or two of our trusty Little Nook hand soap to the mix? Hmmm....

Cue the tada! This was our magical moment. A little squirt of something squeaky clean got our colors doing a dance. It was a perfect conversation piece for a discussion about primary and secondary colors. WOOF!

In the art room we created a kitten cute enough to cuddle. 
We think she'll make the purrfect star for our next puppet show in the forest. 






Later we made her a polka-dotted puppy pal...


And made time to celebrate the start of Spring...

 In the forest we worked on some pet puzzles,


and succeeded of course :)

And like any good pet would do, we played as hard as we could under the big blue sky.


Catch you next week!