Tuesday, August 21, 2012


At The Little Nook, we're always looking for reasons to throw a schoolyard shingdig. Lucky for us, Independence day rolled just in time for us to celebrate the jump into July. Sparklers, parades, and good ole' American tunes...count these nookers in!

Every Little Nooker knows its essential to look the part when partying patriotically. Channeling our inner pioneer, we crafted a bandanna in our favorite hues of red, white and blue.

Do you think our forefathers decorated their duds like this??

Adorable Americans

We instated a new tradition to our daily routine...the pledge of allegiance. 

We may still be working on remembering the words, but we've got the hand over heart business down pat :)

As Americans we have the freedom to exercise our rights as well as our fingers with a few fine-motor games.


Putting paintbrush to paper, we created our own interpretation of the American flag and waved it high and proud.

We spy a polka-dotted patriot...

And a patron ready for the parade!


Following a discussion of why and how different Americans decorate their homes for the Fourth we decorated a star worthy of window to hand from. This seemingly small sun-catcher is sure to throw some magnificent sparkles in the light of the summer sun.

With the help of a little water gun, we crafted some fancy fireworks of our own with spray-able paint.

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