Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Scrapbook 2012

Summer fun has come to an end,
we reminisce those days
 that we talked about fish fins,
we made lemonade,
counted seashells too,
talked about fireworks,
and what veggies do...

We raised our Olympic torches
 over our heads,
and wore our gold medals
as we took the first place stand.

We picnicked and celebrated a birthday or two,
made fairy dust,
and pasted everything with glue.

Over the rainbow we sang out loud,
then we listened to whale songs on the iPad.
Counting and letters and geography too, 
where in the world is London?
who knew?

Colored spaghetti and hexagons, 
matching games were lots of fun!
Racing and dancing and parachutes,
"I thought pasta was for eating"...
nope painting and lacing too!

A big thank you children for bringing all of your dreams
to The Little Nook this summer,
you don't know what it means.