Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In the Kitchen - What's Cookin' ???


 The pool may be closed but make no mistake Little Nookers...the party has just begun.
We kicked off the 2012-2013 school year with a visit to one of our favorite spots in the house, the kitchen of course. Our new brood has an appetite for learning AND chocolate chip cookies and we fully intend to satisfy them both. Hold on to your oven mitts mommas, this year we're in for a ride!

We began our lesson by pulling a few of our favorite things from the pantry.
 These perishables may all call the kitchen home but we found a dozen different ways to sort them...

by color
by size
by how happy we are to see them on our dinner plate 
(a discussion accompanied by some colorful commentary :) 

We found a match for those fruits and veggies who were missing their better half...
a great practice in identifying similarities and differences and a good work out for a tiny chef in training too.

Every kitchen has one. Whether its the third drawer from the left or a cabinet neighboring the silverware...the tupperware shelf never ceases to be in turmoil. When it comes to tackling container chaos, it appears that your tot is man for the job! We pasted each tupperware top and bottom with matching squares (our shape of the week) and assigned our little chefs the role of matchmaker. We may not have broken a sweat, but matching and snapping is an excellent work out for our brains and fingers.

We turned a stack of leftovers into a leaning tower of pizazz, a great way to exercise our gross motor skills and creatively compensate for that can of tomatoes that's been hangin' in the pantry for a little too long.

We moved the party to the art room where we traded in spatulas for markers, practicing our pencil grip and pre-writing skills.

We give these chefs an A+ :)

We popped open a bowl of alphabet soup to see what else starts with A...


... and little Miss A :)

Being the Little Nookers we are, we just couldn't let the week pass without getting our hands a little (or in some cases a LOT) dirty with a little learning fun. After slipping on our chef hats, we got to mixing up a few of our favorite things...

Whisks in hand, we whipped up a feast the family will be talking about long after dinner.

Who could help but kiss these cooks?

We re-purposed the other half of our afternoon snack, making some awe-worthy prints.

It may not be the type of dinner you'd store in the fridge, but we have a feeling it will look pretty good hanging on the front of it :)

We tested out our kitchen tools on a fresh batch of (play)dough too...

These chefs cooked up a little treat in their likeness accompanied by a chat about shapes. Do you see a square hiding in there??

Did you know we have a kitchen hiding in the Enchanted Forest as well?
It was the perfect place to practice our new cooking techniques.

And of course we made time for a glow in the dark rendition of patty cake
...a Little Nook twist on an old favorite :)

These cute cooks are on the move! 
Don't miss us next week as we dig into a lesson of Community Helpers.