Friday, October 5, 2012

Community Helpers

Calling all future firefighters, prospective policemen, and doctors to-be...
This week we payed tribute to the nicest neighbors in our hood, community helpers. Whether they're packing a  fire hose or a stethoscope, these ladies and gents are the ones we have to thank for the boundless amounts of fun we have safely in Buckhead's backyard. It seemed fitting that we take a moment to pay our respects...and a pretty good excuse to play with the fire engine all week too :)


 After we fashioned ourselves a round table of community helpers, we set about our daily business. Even doctors need to brush up on their ABC's from time to time.




Who wouldn't want a little snail mail from this snuggle bug?

Or to be fetched from a fire by this handsome fellow?

First on our agenda was to flag down a firetruck for further inspection.
We explored the different parts, purposes, and shapes hiding within these red roaring machines.

Somebody spotted a circle...our shape of the week!

Next, we matched and sorted a bevy of shapes. Every firefighter knows that it's important  for your brain and your fingers to practice working together as often as possible!

And you didn't think we'd get out of the firehouse without learning a jig or two did you?  We stop, dropped, and ROLLED with it firefighter style. Let's just say it was a community favorite...

Word spread that several fires had erupted on the East wall of the play yard! Good thing we had our 'fire hoses' (water guns) on hand to fight the flames...

Meoww...did you know that firefighters climb for kittens as well? We rushed to the aid of a kitty cat in need.

It turned out to be a tricky rescue so we called in some back-up. 

We found a fire engine in the forest in need of repair. All hands were on deck. Everyone knows that firemen work best as a team.

We read up on a the trucks that tool our firemen about town...

And tried on a crown or two, every firehouse needs a princess, right?

We made a pit stop in the art room where we fashioned a fleet of fire engines fit to patrol the neighborhood.

We stocked them with all the essentials, from hose to ladder.

Firemen may be able to fix a hot mess but every Little Nooker knows who to call when they're feeling a little under the weather. The doctor of course! We paged all physicians-to-be for a playdate...STAT

We debriefed the class about our last trip to the doctor...don't worry mom, they seem to remember it as a mostly pleasant experience and that a lollipop was somehow involved :)

Of course we felt inspired to dress the part, after all we have yet to meet a mask we didn't like...

We then packed a bag full of goodies that every doctor needs to meet a poor patient's needs. From cotton swabs to kleenex, we were prepared to fix any boo boo in the book.

In an effort to dispute the rumor that doctors don't have the most legible handwriting, we practiced a little pencil grip too. 

Who knew that B was for 

Boo boo
and even all Better

Don't forget to check in next week when we catch up with all "things that go"!