Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Things That Go: Transportation

It's no secret that we're a crew on the move. Whether we're shaking our sillies out under a blanket of glow in the dark stars or pedaling in the play yard, our Little Nookers know all about the get up and GO. This week we celebrated our fellow movers and shakers,  some four wheeled and winged friends that we count on to get us from A to B, with a week of transportation exploration. Buckle your seat belts mommas, we're in for a ride!

Before we let our brood get behind the wheel we made sure to cover all the basics. Our letter was 'c,' for CAR of course, our number three and our shape the circle

We started our week by making a list of things we know that 'go'...

trains, trucks, cars, school buses, airplanes, boats

 and talked about where all they had taken us. From Mimi's house to Panama, it seems that The Little Nook has some world travelers under our roof!

First, we took to the tracks learning about different kinds of choo-choos and what kinds of goods they chug. Dave Crews' classic, Freight Train, gave us a sneek peek of the locomotion and the different things it carries from coast to coast.

A good read always gets our engines roaring...We slipped on our conductor hats and fashioned ourselves a freight train with a little preschool pizazz. We collected cars by color, grouped them by the shapes they carried, and patented a few patterns as well.

We let our paws get it a little practice in with the pegs too, perfecting a puzzle before it left the station.

 Before we hit the road to discover a few things that go on wheels, we decided it was best to pause for a little lesson in traffic lights. After counting out 1, 2, 3 lights for our flashy friends to follow, mom's favorite backseat driver learned a new tune to sing in tomorrow's traffic...

to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb
Can you see the traffic light, traffic light, traffic light?
Green means go and yellow means slow, 

After our stint in Driver's Ed, we felt prepared to get behind the wheel and figure out what all the fuss for four wheels was about. We size sequenced our parking lot and pieced together a couple of cars in need of repair.

Then, took a few spins around the neighborhood...

A race around the track got our creative juices flowing...
what if we took those wheels for a spin in a puddle of paint?

While it's lovely to travel in the comforts of mom's third seat, sometimes the trip calls for a different type of transportation. We looked to the skies to learn about planes and the many places they can take us.

We gathered these smooth sailers in groups according to color and number of window seats. Then, we painted a few propellers worthy of gracing the clouds.

Just plane perfect :)

Flight attendants Ms. F and Mr. W fixed us a lovely in-flight meal...

While Pilot W got loaded up the luggage down below...

And Ms. A mapped out the flight plan.

If there's one thing we know for sure it's that these Little Nookers are going places :)

Happy #4 Miss L! 

Catch up with these captains next week as we practice our please and thank yous with a week of Minding Your Manners.