Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mind your Manners

As any momma will tell you toddlerhood is full of treats and treasures. Friendships flourish over lemonade and cookies, tiny hands can finally aid in our morning routine, and we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel in our efforts to toilet train. There is, however, one pitfall to be mindful of Momma...sometimes they pick up a few habits we'd rather them not! This week we're arming our Little Nookers with a week full of manners training to combat those terrible twos (and threes & fours). After all, practice makes perfect, Ma'am.

First things first, we hummed along to our ABC's, pointing out those letters that build a polite vocabulary.

Please, note Miss A's perfectly poised posture :)

Next, we noted what people, places, and things began with our letter of the week..."D"

D is for Dog,

and Donut!

Next, we cuddled up with a few good reads to get us in a good-mannered mood. 
We LOVE Karen Katz's collection of flip book stories on manners and making good choices. They fit nicely in our little hands but carry the big message that mom and dad love.

These books helped us cover all the basics, from how to handle an unsavory serving at breakfast time ("no, thank you) to negotiation strategies to use when things get heated in the sandbox ("you can have this"). 

We gave our new moves a test-drive in the enchanted forest.

And were quick to note that puzzles are much more fun when you do them together. 

Next, we set our tots down at the table and fed them friendly phrases to use in case of emergency 
(i.e. "please don't do that, no thank you, yes sir.) Then, we tried our hand at setting the table.

We talked about which utensils were best to use and when. Mr. A & Miss W know that a fork is best suited for spaghetti, not soup.

Once our placemats were full, we sorted our spoons and forks by color.

We weren't yet ready to retire our forks to the silverware drawer so, we took them for a spin on our counting cards. Who knew forks were such a fine tool to use in discussing one-to-one correspondence and counting quantities?

Next, we used them to help us in our discovery of measurement.We wondered, how many forks long was our circle time carpet?

Or Mr. A and Mr. C? 

Mr. W had the same idea as he measured himself with this week's shape the triangle!

Ms. C used the them to measure her bunny too.

All week long we caught our Little Nookers exercising their good manners. 
In the kitchen...

On a joyride...

In the middle of a glow room dance...

And cuddling on the carpet of course :)

We fashioned a footprint flowerbed where a few good mannered phrases bloomed.

And a good-manners ladder to help us remember the most important steps in being a good friend and listener.

All in all, we think the week was a success, thank you very much :)