Friday, May 3, 2013

March at The Little Nook


It wasn't much of a surprise to hear that our kids were down for a little St. Patty's party. We've got a house full of little leprechauns and they're ready to

To avoid any unnecessary pinching, we slipped into some green gear...

And filled our buckets with seven pieces of gleaming green gold.

Shhh...we may have sneaked a few pieces of gold for our tummies to taste :)

Once we had on the appropriate attire,
{Did you know you learn better in green glitter?}
we set out to explore the letter Y and the color green.

Next, we picked a patch of lucky clovers and sorted them by size.

Are there any four leaf clovers in here??

 We sorted and graphed the luckiest charms to talk about least and greatest...

A big green pepper and a little bit of paint helped us create a few clovers too...

what is at the end of this rainbow?

We don't know if this cutie is Irish, but we'd kiss him

Mr. H looks like he is pondering a pinch...

As many an observer would attest, our Little Nookers are experts in celebration. 
They're always eager to engage in the appropriate festivities, ever-willing to dress the part, and we've never heard a one of them say no to a free cupcake. 

Mr. G informed us that he was "5" and it was lucky too!

Happy Birthday!

NEXT, a trip to the ZOO!

Some may say we're a bunch of city kids at The Little Nook, but one thing is for certain...we know how to do the jungle boogie, even if it is in the parameters of Piedmont Park. This week we celebrated the end of our journey through the alphabet {we finally made it all the way to z} with a trip to the zoo.  Keep your eyes peeled little ones, you don't want to miss a moment of this adventure.

At the table we met up with a balding lion in need of our counting expertise,
we counted 8 glowing locks to spiff up his mangy mane. 

We studied the zigzag-y 'Z'  

and painted a zebra or three!

He may be the last letter in our alphabet, but 'z's easy to find!

We dug deep, hunting for z words...
Z is for zero, zipper, and zoo,
It's also for zebra and zippy-zoom too! 

Can you match a letter, a number, an elephant or two?

Where does this go?

Who in this zoo knows...

There's no Monkey's Uncle in this bunch...

but they all love to swing from branches, I had a hunch.

We roared on over to the carpet where we perched for a zoo-rific storytime and shared our own experiences at the zoo.

that's all the zoo for now, see you next time.


Eagerly awaiting the arrival of our favorite cotton-tailed friend, we decided to get creative with a little cotton of our own.  This week was dedicated to all things bunny, and man oh man did we have a laugh and make lots of funny!

Roll the dice jellybean, you're up!

Math never looked this fun Roger Rabbit!

A is for

There are nine eggs in this basket!

Shhh...they think that they are making designs, but these bunny tracks are important tools for all of those letters that we are writing while learning to read and write!

ABC Match Mats!

and some marshmellow madness...

match the eggs...letter hunt

fuzzy bunnies

and an Easter Egg hunt too...

Such "hoppy" little bunnies!

That's all folks.


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