Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Little Nook - January

I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all.

Knee deep in January weather and bundled to extremes that compromise comfort, our Little Nookers needed a little inspiration to get through this last leg of winter and an answer to every little one's question... how does one have fun without summer sunshine on his back and a popsicle in hand?

We ventured to the North Pole for our answer where there resides a polar population expert on all things 'brrr'-worthy and having fun in the chilliest of circumstances.

First we met the penguin populous. These waddling wonders know how to have a good time in the snow. We took turns unveiling 'cool' facts about our penguin pals...
Did you know they love to slide on their tummies and can surf without a board??

After spotting the North Pole on the globe we met another of its infamous inhabitants...The Polar Bear!

After measuring a few items in the classroom we grew curious...
how many polar bears long are you?

We discovered that there is a curious type of chilly human and house.

Do they surf on their bellies too?

What is an igloo?

After comparing our mittens and winter coats to an Eskimos, we decided that our bellies were rumbling so we went ice fishing!

Match the shapes to the correct color fish.

Then we tested out our own igloo to see how cold it was inside...

Our Little Nookers did not know that they could learn so much from an igloo, but there are all kinds of shapes, colors, letters and numbers...

and Eskimos can be very colorful in all that snow and ice.

speaking of ice...

Our animal friends got trapped in the ice and we wondered if salt, cold water or warm water would help us to rescue them faster?

So, we split up into 3 rescue teams to test our theories...

It turns out that warm water wins!

Did you know that we have an ice skating rink at the Nook?  Who knew?
Of course we always make time for superhero ice skating!

After all of this ice talk, we pulled out the salt and food coloring to see what we could come up with?

I bet all of our Little Nookers can tell you about melting and freezing.

Don't they just make you melt?

and why not paint with ice while we are at it?

how furry is your Eskimo coat?

"silly Miss Jackie"

all of that ice made us want to "warm up" our writing skills...

and once we were done, we gave ourselves a pat on the head...

and on the back!

oh the fun we have...

Fresh off a trip to The North Pole and then Alaska, our Little Nookers were still thirsty for a thrill...
and we of course were eager to quench it :)

 Luckily, our teachers had booked a trip to the stars where our
little ones would discover a solar system that was well, out of this world
Strap on your space suits astronauts,we're promising an adventure of astronomic proportions.

We counted down the seconds to blast off to discover our number of the week...

5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF

Our astronauts took a planet a piece, then put their helmets together to 
complete a space age puzzle by placing the planets in their numerical order.

and then from biggest to smallest...

We borrowed a training tip from our friends at INSERT
tracing the path from each spaceship to its rightful owner.

Next, we took on a mysterious matching mission that required full use of our memories.

can you figure out which number is missing?

We can!

and then we blasted off to the art room to make moon dough glitter and space ships fly!

Rock out!

"S" is for...

Space ship

and as we bring our world travels to a close, we venture much closer to home,

with a trip through the forest...

Hootie Hoo!

We sent out a call inviting all our friends from the forest to The Little Nook for a 
week of learning and play. We tip toed through foliage to find a few feathered friends 
that play all night long and to wake a bear that's been sleeping since November.
All observations confirmed...the forest is a magical place to be.

We asked ourselves, if we lived in the forest, which furry friend would we want to be?

which we practiced by counting out footprints from the forest floor.

We made ourselves familiar with a few other
friends from the forest family and the tracks they leave behind.

"R" is for

sweet little bear...

Happy Birthday Miss C, you are out of this world!