Thursday, March 7, 2013

February at The Little Nook


Our Little Nookers are familiar with exploring an alternate universe upon entering our doors but this week we had something truly sweet up our sleeves...a trip to Candy Land.

This week we were formally introduced to the number 3 
and the loop-de-loo that most call "U"

We sorted it and graphed it.

After designating a few m&m's for our learning purposes we got to work...
Practicing our number and color of the week, we took turns hunting through handfuls for three red m&m's.

Demonstrating unparalleled patience, we graphed them according to color. The sudden disappearance of a blue m&m or two remains a mystery but we have a hunch someone snuck a snack before lunch...

Then we laced it

We strung together some fruit loops to make necklaces...yum, the tastiest accessory we'd seen in a while.

and crafted it

And when that was done, we ate it.
It's safe to say we satisfied a sweet tooth or two.

Life is short but sweet for certain...spread the sugar :)


Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Do you like candy hearts 
As much as we do?

Love was in the air as we celebrated Valentines Day. Forget Cupid, our Little Nookers are always eager to spread a little love and hand out hugs without any arrows :)

We counted out candy hearts...4 to be exact

and "Conversation Hearts" do make for some great conversation!

Then, graphed and sorted them by color.

Shhh...we may have taste tested a few :)

Next, we put pen to paper and worked on our pencil grip and handwriting too.

Every Valentine knows that candy hearts carry a special message. 
Ours were scripted with sight words that we built ourselves.

We read a book about planting a kiss, and got inspired to spread a little bliss of our own...

We even hand-crafted a few decorations ourselves.

When the paint was dry, our little lovebugs swapped some sweet valentines
...and bottled a few affections of their own.

Later, we played Match Maker with a game of hearts that suited us well. 
Miss V  hunted for 10's better half.

While Miss B found 6's perfect match!

Lucky for us, one of our little Valentine friends knows the key to our hearts...Cookies

Silly Valentines...


One of the most essential piece of our little wardrobes, the grievance of every tot trying to train on the potty, and this week at The Little Nook our latest learning tool. We collected them, counted them, sorted them and even turned them into masterpieces of our imaginations. As our Little Nookers know, great things come in small packages {or from that sewing drawer that is rapidly collecting dust :)}

We got familiar with the number five, 
counting out five buttons to reinforce our 'touch math' counting points.

We gave our fingers a workout tracing fives of our own...

Next, we used our buttons to brush up on our sorting skills, separating our buttons by color

Then took a moment to button-up a few friends...

and to share a secret {we're keeping our lips buttoned}

We studied the wonderful letter W

Which stands for We,

 Wonderful Work,

and everyone knows it takes two W's to say WOW!

After carefully inspecting our outfits, we counted the buttons in our ensembles and made a graph
...the perfect conversation piece in our discussion of least and greatest.

We slipped into our spots of the carpet for a story about a button-less bear named Corduroy.

Button Fever spread to art room where we made rub drawings of a bounty of buttons.
Some of our Little Nookers shine so bright we have to wear their shades inside

In the spirit of Spring we planted and painted a few button-beautiful flowers,

and spun some stems for them to sit on.

Our little ones are cuter than your average button :)

Next week we've scheduled a check-up with Dr. Suess!


Call the Doctor!
We've got a case of the giggles that only Suess himself could diagnose. At The Little Nook we always welcome an excuse for celebration and this week offered an opportunity to combine a couple of our most favorite things...books and birthday cake. As any silly billy knows, March 3 marks the birthday of our beloved Dr. Suess. We can't think of a better reason to cut the cake :)

Our color was red, our letter was x, 
Little Nookers were anxious to see what would come next...

Here at the Nook we earned some stripes,
These kind sit on your head, just like cat likes!
How do you wear your Cat in the Hat hat?

We'd heard of a tale about a cat in a hat,
He'd caused a good bit of mischeif {not that'd we'd ever done that :)}
We counted six stripes for that silly cat's hat,
Did you know you could make a pattern with that? 

All that work got our tummies grumbling for lunch, 
 What was on the menu?...Dr. Suess had a hunch
We'd whipped up some green eggs, fresh from the chicken, 
Who knew practicing letters could be so finger-lickin'!

What shape is on your hat,
not sure,
what's on yours?

Pick a shape to match a hat
In this case
Cat's not yours.

We got our hands dirty making thing one and thing 2...

Then took on a project that called for some glue.

 We think they turned out pretty nice, don't you?

Of course we made time to slip into a dress,
roll around on the floor and make a little mess :)

Enough of that cat, let's eat and let's play!

maybe write a name or two...

maybe read a book or two

who knows, what's next?

Happy Birthday Mr. W.

Let's cut the cupcake,

the perfect excuse to take a little break :)