Tuesday, May 28, 2013

April at The Little Nook


Nothing sweeter than baby chicks in a nest, that is except for our Little Nookers, I guess...

Springtime is here
 and we plan to discover
all that nature has to offer,
a baby bird and it's mother...

we laced and we laced
to get the egg just right...

then we matched them by number...

and asked if they would take flight?

we matched and we measured,
compare and contrast...

we puzzled

and glued...

and read all about nests.


The childhood pet...
Some call him man's best friend, and for many a good reason. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tall and some are small and our Little Nookers, they love them all. 
This week we extended an invitation to all four-legged friends of The Little Nook family.
{Our little people from pet-less homes shared a friend of the stuffed variety.}
Let the pet party begin...we're practically panting with anticipation. 

Doggy want a bone?

or a Biscuit?

We will play catch with you next week!


Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
Little Nookers want to play!

Luckily, the sunshine is out today!

Those are some jazzy wellies, Mr. G!


Save the Planet, plant a tree!

Earth Day is here and every good Little Nooker knows the importance of paying it forward and keeping it clean and green!

Who knew how much fun we could have with paper towel rolls?

"All Aboard"!

I'm on board with these Earth conscious cuties.

Counting can be energy efficient!

and reading makes our brains more efficient!

"I hold this planet close to my heart"

Off-grid Architecture with Cardboard boxes...


Child 1:"So, has your mom gone completely organic yet, or just partial"?

Child 2:"We are Organic"

Child 3:"Do you prefer Stoneyfield or Horizon"?

Child 2:"I'm an Applegate fan myself"...

Child 1:"Has she switched you to Almond milk yet"?

Child 3:"Not yet...how bad is it?

Child 2:"Pretty good, actually"...

We love all of your Geothermal Energy!

Welcome to our Compostable Castle!

That smile is sustainable!