Sunday, September 27, 2015

September at The Little Nook


 What a great start to the school year. It has been so much fun learning about our new students and watching friendships form. We started off by practicing our good manners while exploring, sharing, creating and sometimes making a bit of a mess together.  Good manners are important skills children should develop when they are young.  After all, manners are beneficial for the rest of their lives and as we try to model them at The Little Nook, we thought that one week of really practicing could make perfect!

Each week we have a theme for our lesson plans, a letter to focus on, a color and a sight word.


Set the table...

We loved setting the table and working on where our utensils belong, right and left, and shapes.

"Please" pass the laces so we can practice our motor skills!

Good Manners Trees are always so polite...

They say "please and thank you" too! Do you?

the better the manners, the more they grow!

Who said you can't have a little Manners Music to go?

Manners Matching

We talked about our Good Manners Rules at The Little Nook.

There is always a place for an Emily Post book.

and even though it isn't always good manners to get messy, at least we said "please pass the blue"!

If you have a play kitchen at home you can make learning manners fun!

Set a pretend table for your children and let them tell you what they are cooking in the kitchen.  Set the table together with all of their little play plates and pass the food around the table.

They will love it and you will find them smiling from ear to ear when you sit down for a real dinner that evening and they show you what they learned.


Transportation week at The Little Nook was a hit!  We had so much fun listening to "vroom vroom" and "ready set go" and "row row row your boat" while we learned and played!

The photographs always speak for themselves...check out what your kiddos were doing at 
The Little Nook!

Cars and trucks { every kids dream }


This is so much fun and easy to do at home.  We painted yellow lines down black construction paper and then let them race their cars and trucks through the paint and down the road.

Start your engines.

and then the cars needed a car wash of course...

Can we search for other letters?



who wants to make their own car?

red means STOP!

reading means GO!

magnets are fun too!

and we love to lace...

and read some more

and there's still time to play?

and read some more?

and paint and paint

but don't forget to celebrate!


We cooked up some fun!

Nothing like pizza, sponge cake, cinnamon apples and pears. We don't recommend this combination at home.

"C" is for cooking, cabbage, carrots, and croutons.

First Stop, Farmers Market. This is where the farmers bring their crops for people to buy. We talked about the colors, shapes and smells of our favorite foods.

Then we brought our food home to the kitchen and looked at all of our tools...spatulas, spoons, forks and knives, oh and that brush the grown ups use to clean our plates in the sink!

Then we made some pizza dough with all of our ingredients...we had a house full of pizza experts.

but we had the most fun with the sponge cake!

We learned how to make an AB pattern and then an ABC pattern with our cake layers. We each took turns adding a layer to the pattern until we got the hang of it. Learning is fun with sponge!

It takes all the letters of "Pots and Pans" to make our food.

cinnamon apples smell really nice...

and we learned that pears are slip, slip, slippery!

and we play

and read

and play some more


STAY TUNED for COMMUNITY HELPERS next week at The Little Nook!