Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall 2016

The Little Nook 2016-2017.

We started off our school year with good manners, our first Weekly Theme, while exploring, sharing, creating and sometimes making a bit of a mess together.  Good manners are important skills children should develop when they are young.  After all, manners are beneficial for the rest of their lives and as we try to model them at The Little Nook, we thought that one week of really practicing could make perfect!

If you have a play kitchen at home you can make learning manners fun!

Set a pretend table for your children and let them tell you what they are cooking in the kitchen.  Set the table together with all of their little play plates and pass the food around the table.

They will love it and you will find them smiling from ear to ear when you sit down for a real dinner that evening and they show you what they learned.

Transportation week at The Little Nook was a hit!  We had so much fun listening to "vroom vroom" and "ready set go" and "row row row your boat" while we learned and played!

We are always so thankful for our Community Helpers! The children loved talking about their doctors, dentists, firemen and mailmen.

We cooked up some really good stuff during our In The Kitchen week!

We couldn't ask for a better start to the school year!