Tuesday, July 17, 2018

This Summer

Summer at The Little Nook

"Nature will bear the closest inspection.  She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain." - Henry David Thoreau

What does an insect see as it walks or flies through the forest, or even our back yard?

That is exactly what we discussed at The Little Nook as we kicked off our first week of Summer!

So, grab your magnifying glasses and put your best bug foot forward {all six of them} because we have got some arthropod discoveries to make!

First, we started out by sorting our bugs by color!

This became an easy Math game...

If you have 5 green grasshoppers and two hopped away, how many are left in your jar?

or Bug Box?

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
is actually not a bug
with 8 legs, instead of 6
laced and painted by these Doodlebugs!

Then we tested our Magnificent Mariposa Memory...

The ants go marching one by one
Hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching one by one
Hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching one by one
The little one stops to suck his thumb
And they all go marching down to the ground to get out of the rain
Boom boom boom


The Very Hungry Caterpillar didn't hold a candle to our Hexagonal version!
Such smart little bugs we have...

Then we discussed how that caterpillar turned into a butterfly...

or an egg into an ant...

What is a pupal stage?

Can you find a K?


Summer is officially here, welcome to our hive, hexagon...

Beehive, that is...

Oh, they learn so much!

While painting bottle tops and making caterpillars of our own, to take home...shhhh, we are also learning patterns and order.  

Who knew this could be so fun, Beetle Bug?
Lady Bug?
and Stinkbugs too?

Wait, there aren't any Stinkbugs at The Little Nook!


Close your eyes, feel the bug, which one is it.
Dragon fly, bee, or lady bug?

What do you feel?

How can you tell?

Now put it on the number twelve...

We are "Bugging Out"!

and a liiiiiittttttle CURIOUS???


a monkey


A, an, and...

His name is 


The Little Nook has some monkeys of its' own...

and while we 

Monkey Around, 

we can learn a little too....

hee hee.

and then,

The Man in the Yellow Hat appeared.

in the garden.


Monkeys in the garden looking for BUGS???

and planting flowers, and...


Oh, Squash,

we are getting our weeks all messed up!

If you give a Monkey a Veggie, he will probably ask you for a cookie instead...


and if you give a mouse a cookie, 

 like these little mice had,

your math skills will probably get better as you count chocolate chips.

and if you give a dog a donut, 

like these puppies had,

your fine motor skills and creativity will grow like these stories,

and if you give a moose a muffin,

they might be so good, you ask for two...

and then,
you might ask to curl up in someone's lap and read a book...

or a few....

and if you read these books,
you might want to learn more about mammals that like dessert...

and that might remind you that you want a cookie.


Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians Oh My....

As some of us head back from camping trips, beach trips and swimming pools to boot, 
we have lots to discuss about swimming and scales and being in bathing suits.

We weren't quite ready to give up our wet ways so we spent this week in the lagoon learning a bit about reptiles and amphibians.

First, we pulled out our trusty texture box to touch on a few coats that these amphibian friends wear...

We read about a chameleon who couldn't quite make up his mind, then helped him solve his color conundrum with a matching game.

These reptile tile patterns didn't leave us puzzled! We let little fingers get to work piecing these slow-movers back together.

We outfitted a water color home with the finest amenities befitting a frog...

We got our hands on some slick playdough and rolled a few eggs to be hatched.

Spotted...a leopard snatching an afternoon snack!

We caught a froggy with his tongue tied.

Then figured out who had fur, scales, feathers and a hide...

Like the four legged friend who calls it home, our turtle shells took a while to make but were certainly worth the wait :)

We even string our scales, I mean beads.

We may not have glorious tails or acorns in cheeks,
but we love a little time in the trees {playground} just as much as the next squirrel.


At The Little Nook, we're always looking for reasons to throw a schoolyard shingdig. Lucky for us, Independence day rolled just in time for us to celebrate the jump into July. 
Sparklers, parades, and good ole' American tunes...count these nookers in!

Every Little Nooker knows its essential to look the part when partying patriotically. Channeling our inner pioneer, we crafted a tie dye t-shirt in our favorite hues of red, white and blue.

Do you think our forefathers decorated their duds like this??

Adorable Americans.

Even our crayons are RED, BLUE.

Oh and green and purple too.

Putting Patriots to Paper, 
we created our own interpretation of the American flag and waved it high and proud.

As Americans, we have the freedom to exercise our rights as well as our fingers with a few fine-motor games.

Following a discussion of why and how different Americans decorate their homes for the Fourth we decorated a star worthy of window to hang from. This seemingly small sun-catcher is sure to throw some magnificent sparkles in the light of the summer sun.

Who's ready for Fireworks?

Have you ever painted with an asparagusbrush?

Our teachers had all eyes and ears with Vegetables, probably because we weren't trying to feed the children, HA!  
This was such a fun lesson plan, we have to share it!  We had reports of children coming home talking about how peppers even smelled "hot". 
We love it!

First, we talked about each vegetable {and some fruits} : color, texture, smell, taste.

It's Cool as a Cucumber
that a lot of those came from The Little Nook Garden!

Giving these veggies eyes gave them a whole new persona with lots to discuss!
Then, we worked on our memory skills with a matching game...

We either have very lucky or very genius children : )

This made it easy to transition into some early reading skills.

and then we topped it off with paint, of course!

Our cups, I mean, baskets runneth over...

* Disclaimer : if your child starts painting with their vegetables at the dinner table, it is our fault : )

about the rest of this summer.

and forever grateful that you share your little ones with us.