Thursday, March 12, 2020

Dear Little Nook families, 

The unpredictability of the COVID-19 outbreak has brought us to an unfortunate moment in time for our planet, our nation, our community and our families. As Governor Kemp addressed us this afternoon, he asked that all schools seriously consider closing for two weeks.

        We all have levels of some shock, powerlessness and frustration, hopefully we are finding some gratitude. The culprit here is the virus, not people. We are all doing the best we can under the circumstances in uncharted territory. If we keep the forefront of the goal in mind, which is to interrupt the transmission of this virus, we will all be better for it. 

We feel that it is the right decision for our school to take the advice of the governor and close The Little Nook for the recommended two weeks. We realize that this is not going to be everyone’s favorite decision, but it may be an extremely important one. As of right now, we plan to get back to school as usual on March 30th. Stay tuned!

Let’s all lock arms and get through this together one day at a time!

Thank you, The Little Nook

We have decided to close Thursday, March 12th and Friday, March 13th. We will continue to make the best decisions that we can, with the information that we have to work with. Right now, we feel that safety comes first and we would always rather err on the side of overly cautious. Please be patient with us while we navigate this together. Thank you so much for partnering with us and trusting us with your most precious children. 

We hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break this past week. In light of recent developments of COVID-19, please read the following carefully. 

During the week of Spring Break we took the opportunity to clean and disinfect The Little Nook really well. We are watching public health advisories closely and we are in touch with other schools and health care providers to make sure we are fully informed and communicating constantly. Please note that if we need to close to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in line with CDC advisories, we will let you know via the Remind App, Facebook, and Instagram. 

While it seems to be most crucial for elderly and immunocompromised individuals, children can often be the transmitters of viruses while not actually having severe symptoms. We have children and family members of students who are immunocompromised and therefore, we are asking our Nook community to please be incredibly responsible and cautious. 

1. If your child has had any of the following symptoms: fever (without the use of fever-reducing meds), cough, sneezing, scratchy throat, or shortness of breath, please keep your child at home and see your pediatrician for clearance before returning to school. Please wait the full self-quarantine period of 14 days before returning if there is any possibility of COVID-19. We will be monitoring students and staff closely for COVID-19 symptoms and we will act accordingly, should any of our little Nookers appear to be at risk! Please be safe so we aren’t sorry later. 

2. In keeping with CDC guidelines for schools, if your child or any family member that your child has come in contact with, has traveled to a level three country, currently China, Italy, South Korea, or Iran, please self-quarantine for 14 days. 

3. If you are concerned about any health conditions or want to keep your child home for any reason other than the above, even if for preventative measures, please feel free to do so. We support your family’s decision. 

4. We will be washing hands frequently, and trying our best to keep hands from our noses and mouths. Please wash everything frequently that comes to and from school, such as: coats, bags, and snack containers. This is a good time to take shoes off at the door. If you have been on airplanes for travel, wash any coats or bags that were on the airplane with you before bringing them to school.

Our biggest priority is the safety of our students and student families.  Please be responsible to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The slightest symptoms in one individual, could mean something tragic for another. Stay diligent, we will as well. We are not taking this lightly. 

Kindest Regards, The Little Nook